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Lots of users do not really like to use laptops – and we can completely understand them – because of the small screen or the crappy keyboard and touchpad.

A good alternative can be a desktop pc but it has a real estate issue. Desktops need more space and you also need to fight with a lots of cables.

Fortunately All in one PCs are elegant solutions for both problems and they need just a really small place at your home or your work place.

The two main types of AIO PCs

  • Traditional All in One Pcs: This is the main type of AIO – which come with a big screen and all of the hardwares are built into them. It includes integrated webcam and wifi. Most of them aren’t touchscreen but nowadays you can easily find a few which are touch ready.
  • Portable all-in-one: It has a battery which helps to use this kind of AIO when you are on the road. It has to be touchscreen, so it seems like a huge tablet. You can easily play games on it and you can also use it as a normal computer if you connect a keyboard and a mouse and use it on your desk.

All in ones are ideal central household computers too. Thanks to their small footprint and attractive design it is easy to place in any room.

They are really great for any multimedia activities such as videoconferencing or watching movies because of their huge display sizes.

Best Dell all in one computer XPS

The price ranges

All in one computers are available in many different price ranges like other desktops or laptops. From the low-ends for $400 to the high-ends for $2,500 models with large 27” display and strong hardware.

The middle range of AIO computers cost $1,000 – $1,500 and they have the best value for your money.

But the most important question is: How you use your computer?

  • Weak usage: Just for web surfing, social networking, emailing etc.
  • Average usage: Document editing and multitasking (many programs open at the same time), Web browsing with a lot of tabs
  • Heavy usage: Playing games, a lots of photo and graphics editing, or other programs with high resource usage (for example CAD programs)

So if you use your computer more sophisticated purposes you need to invest more money in a faster AIO pc.

The most important parts


Firstly you have to decide which display size fits in the place where you want to place your new AIO computer.

The cheapest all-in-one pcs come with 20” displays whats are perfectly fit in smaller rooms but we recommend you to pick at least 23” or 24” up to 27” because they have so much benefits and advantages.

Usually these bigger sizes have full HD resolutions (1920x1080px) which is essential to watch high quality videos.

And of course if you are a multitasker the bigger size is better!


The processor is the brain of your computer. With the memory it determines how fast your pc is and how smooth is your user experience when you use your computer.

Generally two manufacturers make the processors: Intel and AMD.

We recommend you the i5 or i7 Intel processors.

These are quad core processors which are really powerful models.

An Intel i3 processor will be enough if you are not a power user, or you are on budget. But keep in mind that the i3 has just two cores.


RAM aka Random access memory is really important because it stores the data which is needed for the processor. Today most of the AIO pcs use DDR3 rams which have a really great speed. We recommend at least 4 GB but if you choose a model which has 8 GB everything will be quicker and you do not run out of memory if you use heavily your computer.

Graphic Card

Average computers have integrated graphics in the motherboard which are more than enough for general users. Anyway if you want to play games or editing videos you will need a more powerful discrete (not integrated) graphics card.

Internal Storage

Before you buy your new AIO you have to decide how much storage do you need. This is especially important because nowadays it is not so easy to upgrade AIO pcs.

If you download a lot, you will need more space and we recommend you to buy at least 1 or 2 TB. But even if you are not a power user you should not buy one with less than 500 Gb.

Unfortunately the traditional hard drive (HDD) is relatively slow in booting and load applications.

Nowadays one of the cheapest and smartest way to make your computer faster is to using an additional SSD drive just for the Windows and for your Program files.

SSDs are speed demons and they are much better than the best HDDs.

Usually 128 GB SSDs are fully enough for the operation systems and your applications.

So the best way if your AIO computer boot from SSD but you store your movies or other bigger files on a traditional HDD.

Ports and Connectivity

Before you pick the best AIO for your usage you need to think through what kind of ports you will need.

If you want to copy data to a pendrive real quick pick a pc which have USB 3.0 port, but if you don’t care, a pc with USB 2.0 port will be enough .

It is also really important to think about the display connectivity such as TVs or a secondary monitor. If you want to connect your computer with your TV make sure your AIO pc has HDMI port.

If you want to use secondary monitor you will be fine with the HDMI port too but a lots of AIO pcs also have DVI or traditional VGA ports.

If you want to know more about AIO pcs Read this Wikipedia article!

If you have any question about all in one computers, Do not hesitate to send us a message in the contact page!